Good Content But Still Not Ranking? See Where You Might Be Falling Short

The introduction of Google Panda and Penguin are making a lot of people step back and take a look at their website content. Ranking is now more complicated than ever, especially when you are failing to rank even with great, unique content on your site. Not only do we have to worry about this, we now need to make sure we are gaining Penguin-proof links also. Even if you have pages on your website with linkable content, there are many ways that content can be falling short. Here are some of the most common pit falls and how to fix them:

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Getting Past the Penguin Update

Google’s Penguin update went live on the 24th of April. This was a massive change to Google’s SERP’s (Search Engine Results Pages) designed to penalize pages using spamming tactics to improve their page rankings on Google. Some of the spamming activities that Google wanted to prevent included “Cloaking” and “Keyword Stuffing”. Read more

Finding Your Must-Have Links

Getting the balance right between having quality links directed towards your site and maintaining those inbound links is a difficult one as often these links are expected to either be reciprocated or paid for. Finding areas where we can place our links on high ranking, authoritative websites is what makes many of our days that little bit longer. Read more