FAQs of the SEO World Summed Up In 8 Points

Web marketers get asked a lot of questions, and these questions are invariably the same all around the world. Below are 8 points that aim to answer the “how, what,whys” etc of SEO world.

·       Did you think you finally understood SEO and all the techniques to get your site ranking well? Google estimates that there are over 200 variables that assist in helping your site rank which means it is quiet hard with a lot of competitors around. Algorithms are changing on a daily basis so sometimes it can be hard to know why one site is ranking and why another is not. The lesson here is that it’s great to know the ground rules that apply to SEO, but you will also have to learn to change and grow your SEO techniques to keep up with such a fast paced online world.
·       Never get too comfortable with just one area of online and search marketing, because you will need all the different areas to really out perform your competitors. There is more to SEO than keywords, there is link building, social media marketing and so much more, so get online and explore all the free options available to you.
·       Not all links are as good as each other, so don’t make the mistake over link building in the wrong way. Brand new sites aren’t very good for link building as search engines are unaware of them and do not know if they are trustworthy; the thing to remember here is not all links are of equal value to one another.
·       Black hat is a bad idea. If others can see your paid advertising and spam, the search engines will also. Breaking the rules will get you nowhere in the online world, so keep everything as clean as possible and follow the online rules.
·       If you don’t feel your page is doing as well as it should and you can’t see why, always check your headers. It is so important to make sure that crawlers are able to see all relevant content on your site. There are many online header checkers available to have a look and make sure it is how it should be.
·       There are a lot of very fancy tools online to help with SEO, but there are also a lot of basic and perfectly good ones also. A lot of people waste time and energy trying to find out how to work the fancy tools because they think it will serve them better, which over time it may, but basic tools are also great because they do similar jobs and you will probably learn how to do them in half the time.
·       The hardest thing to accept about SEO is that is takes time, you may not see results for a while after optimising your site, which can be frustrating. The best policy is to do thorough research initially, then when you are happy about the keywords etc you want to use, implement them. Better research will mean that you will be happy to leave you keywords to get crawled knowing you have the best possible keywords for you site with the least competition. Don’t change your online strategy based on no information, if there is a real problem, fix it and ensure it is fixed but give you keywords etc time.
·       A lot of people complain that they don’t have the time to be working on a website/social media marketing strategy and implementing, but the important thing to remember is that being online is KEY in this day and age to success. People do not use paper directories as much as they used to because smartphones are taking over the mobile phone world and this is easier to use and always around no matter where you are. If you ever think it is becoming too much work, remind yourself the importance of online marketing in a web 2.0 world.
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