A Guide to Making Facebook Marketing Work for Your Business

Business owners know that they should be using Facebook, but many don’t know what they should be doing on it in order to drive sales or generate business. Many businesses have very active campaigns and yet they still feel they are not getting the full value out of Facebook.

They key is not to see your social media activities as separate method of promoting your business, but rather to include it as an integral part of your overall marketing strategy. The first step is set clear objectives about what you want to achieve through the use of Facebook, and to remain focused on these objectives.
Another important thing to consider is whether you have adequate resources to engage in social media activities. Do you have a staff member with the required social media experience to run your Facebook campaign? Does this person have enough time in their day to stay active on Facebook and engage with your Facebook fans? Do you need a dedicated social media person within the company or can it be part of one of your staff members’ duties.
Perhaps the best solution is to outsource your social media activities to a web marketing  company who has experience in running social media campaigns.
To you have the right analytical tools in place to run your social media campaign? What is a fan worth to your company? How can you monetise your activities on Facebook?
Forrester have put together a guide to Facebook Marketing which you can download free of charge here. You just need to fill in some details on their form and then they will email a link to you to download a PDF. Note: If you are based outside America, choose “Other” in the State field and for the postcode in the case of Dublin, entering just a number, e.g. 14 does not work. But entering Dublin14 with no spaces works.
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