You have the staff you don’t have the expertise. Sign up for the Web Mentoring Programme or for our customised digital marketing training programmes or workshops. Bring the Digital skills in house and carry out your own Digital Marketing with the guidance of the experts

    Get an Expert to Address your Needs Now

    What is your desired outcome?

    Successful digital marketing campaigns, carried out in-house with guidance from the experts?

    A clear structure around your digital marketing, campaigns with the assurance you are focusing on the areas that will drive your sales?

    Choose from our three options below as to whether you work with us over months to build your digitial activities into a routine process within your business, with monthly conference calls to keep you on track. Or choose once off workshops to define an overall strategy / action plan. Alternatively we devise customised training programmes around areas where you require training in specific areas of Digitial Marketing.

    Our approach

    We define, deliver and refine remarkable ideas that achieve big results and long-lasting relationships. We take the time to understand your business, working in partnership to help you achieve your goals and consistently deliver marketing you can measure.
    We identify the best activities to drive return on investment for your business based on our experience and based on who your target market is and what will engage them.

    Choose how you would like to work with us to address your business needs.

    Outsourced services

    We research your marketing, devise your Digital Marketing Strategy and set up and manage your on-going Digital Marketing Activities.

    The Web Mentor Programme

    We guide you and work with you to implement the best combination of services

    Customised Training

    We carry out face to face tracking in the areas of Digital Marketing, where you don’t currently have the necessary skills / knowledge.

    Customised Services

    Training, Mentoring & Support: A customised programme is developed to meet the needs of your business.

    Nurse Jobs Ireland

    Since starting the web mentor programme with WebResults, Nurse Jobs Irelands search engine optimisation and ranking has improved month on month, and we are continuing to achieve the results we are looking for.

    Aoife Manning