Social Media Marketing

    Customer Interaction and Insights

    Connect with your customers on a deeper level, encouraging conversation and engagement through Social Media platforms.

    Gain useful insights as to how your potential customers think and learn what it is they want from your business.

    Brand & Profile Development

    Build a business profile that customers can relate to, boosting your persona whilst developing longstanding customer relationships & loyalty.

    Social Media is a powerful way of building a brand & developing your business profile online.

    What is your desired outcome?

    Do you want to improve your on-line presence?

    Do you want to engage with your customers and potential customers where they interact on-line?

    Build your brand on-line with regular Social Media activity.

    We have been working with for several years now. We went to WebResults because they have a lot of knowledge in the search engine marketing and web strategy area. They impressed us by taking the time to know our business and understand our target market which was really important for us before commencing with any web strategy. From the very start, focused on prioritising how we could reach the customer we want to bring into our website by ensuring that the correct information was built into our website. They then guided us on what areas, what tools & functionality and wording we needed to have in place on our website to achieve this.

    Our Approach

    Social Media is a proven method for driving business to your website, it is essential to chose the correct channel where your potential customers hang out on-line. At WebResults we use a wide variety of social media platforms to help you harness the capabilities offered by each. We will help you set up a business page on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+ and devise a plan for the type of content you should upload and a time-frame for when content should be uploaded. After devising a content plan we will schedule meetings for progress reports to monitor the plan for you, we are always available for any questions and enquires in between meetings. We have a vast knowledge of many other social media channels as you can see in the list below.

    Twitter is a text message rebroadcast service that has about 288 million users worldwide. Users post their message in the form of Tweets limited to 140 characters. Giving you the opportunity to be succinct and to the point.

    • It is possible for small businesses to do well from having a Twitter account, allowing them to compete with other and larger businesses on equal terms within the Twitter platform.
    • Twitter is an informal setting which means users are more relaxed in the social space, making interaction easier and more congenial.
    • The relaxed atmosphere associated with Twitter makes b2b e commerce as well as other e commerce services such as customer relations easier.
    • Twitter, like other Social Networking sites also make it easier for users to get the information that they want as well as the info that you want them to receive. This reason alone is enough to develop a digital marketing strategy

    What are Irish Businesses using Twitter for?

    • Relay blog feeds, special offers in small bursts from the account. This helps increase web conversion rates
    • Companies are given the opportunity to answer any questions directly that consumers may have (there’s actually a human as opposed to a machine helping the customer. This encourages further interaction and the strengthening of B2C e commerce relationships.

    Contact us today and we will review your on-line presence and recommend the Social Media channels that suit your business.

    Facebook is essential for any successful Social Media Marketing Strategy

    • By having a company presence on Facebook you are promoting your business to 62% of the population aged 15 years and above as they are members of Facebook.

    Benefits of having a Facebook business page:

    • Branding – having a Facebook presence is a great way of generating and maintaining brand awareness and a business’s on-line reputation.
    • A presence on Facebook will act as a portal for driving traffic to your website (and increasing web conversion rates) and any other on-line properties that you may have.
    • Facebook provides the opportunity for new customer acquisition; you may find customers via your Facebook presence that you may have not found otherwise.
    • Client retention – allows companies to build relationships with customers.
    • The very nature of Facebook is viral. One of the main fads of Facebook is that every time you log on, the homepage gives you updates of everything that your connections have done, “shared”,” liked”, “joined” and commented on since the last time you logged in.
    • The traffic to your Facebook page isn’t the most important benefit of Facebook for businesses. One of the real opportunities is to get more users to your official website.

    A digital marketing strategy is now imperative in Ireland for any start up business. Having an on-line strategy doesn’t simply mean having a brochure website; it’s about getting involved in communities, creating on-line communities and participating in on-line properties where your clients are.

    Contact WebResults today and we will discuss the best Digital Marketing Strategy for your business.

    A corporate blog is used for various purposes by an organisation. Usually, blogs are used as another medium in a company’s digital marketing strategy.


    • Blogs are often used to announce new products/services, react to public criticism, explain or clarify policies as well as develop and strengthen relationships with customers and encouraging the relationship of new/potential customers. More often than not, corporate blogs are treated as informal press releases. Corporate blogs can often add value and credibility that is often unobtainable from a standard corporate website.
    • In the case of corporate blogs; the thoughts, opinions and interests are of the company. Quite often they are seen as marketing blogs and  advertising blogs.
    • A corporate blog is published with the support of an organisation in order to reach that organisation’s goals.
    • Business blogs are also a great way of interacting with the target market on a more personal level while also building link credibility that can ultimately be tracked back to the corporate website.
    • Blogs can also be linked to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts providing further reach and strengthening and digital marketing strategy.
    • Blogs are also form of providing linking opportunities. Most blogs would provide links to other sites, articles or news snippets. And if you’re reading a particular blog it’s probably because you have an interest in the topic at hand. Therefore the links provided are more than likely going to be of interest to you too.

    To find out how a blog can help you achieve your on-line business goals contact us today.

    • LinkedIn is a business/professional networking site.
    • It was launched in 2003 and has gone from strength to strength ever since.
    • Because LinkedIn is continuously growing in popularity across Europe and the East it is becoming an increasingly important aspect of Search Engine Optimisation.

    There are many features and benefits of having a company profile on LinkedIn. The main purpose of the site is to allow registered users maintain a list of contact details for business purposes. It can be integrated successfully along with dedicated marketing campaign management and is a must have for any successful social marketing strategy.
    LinkedIn provides the following benefits:

    • Advertising jobs.
    • Search for recommendations.
    • Picking up trends in the marketplace by way of discussions amongst groups of customers as well as peers.
    • Finding the right groups and organisations to be a member of. This includes both on-line and offline.
    • Word of mouth publicity. Often what carries on in Social Networking sites can transcend to the offline. If the publicity that is being generated is positive, this in turn will have positive effects on the company that has the LinkedIn presence.
    • Maintaining relationships with current customers as well as developing new relationships with new customers. It also provides benefits in terms of e-commerce services as you’re company information is now easier to find.
    • If a company has a corporate blog then LinkedIn is a great way of promoting that blog. Bloggers have the potential to use LinkedIn to drive traffic to their blogs and gain more exposure and thus on to their website and in turn increase web conversion rates.

    Other Features Include:

    • Groups – LinkedIn Groups function acts as a forum for members to have real world conversations about products, issues, opportunities, events and referrals of appropriate information. These discussions on real world scenarios offer good information to members pertaining to all types of topics, problem solving, company news as well as job opportunities amongst other things.
    • Company Profiles – Companies are trying to ensure that their company profiles and the information it contains are being used correctly. Social media and marketing groups try to ensure that the information detailed not only is completely accurate, but also best promotes the company.
    • Events – LinkedIn offers users the ability to create events (tradeshows, conferences, training events etc). This system means that events will become accessible to a large network of members where professional interests align.
    • Jobs – LinkedIn has the added facility of advertising jobs. Depending on the specialist industry that a user belongs to, specific jobs appear on your live feed page. If a user can think of someone that might be interested in the job they can refer them to it. This is another method of head-hunting and finding the right person for the job.
    • Right Price – most of the services that LinkedIn offers are free of charge. It is also free to set up a company profile. Therefore it is highly recommended that both companies and individuals take advantage of another route of free advertising. Remember your competitors probably are.
    • Sponsored Ads – LinkedIn have also launched LinkedIn DirectAds as a form of sponsored advertising that come in a variety of packages in order to suit most budgets.

    LinkedIn also allows users to research companies with which they may be interested in working. When typing the name of a given company in the search box, statistics about the company are provided. These may include the percentage of the most common titles/positions held within the company, the location of the company’s headquarters and offices, or a list of present, past, and former employees. By listing a company’s statistics it allows users to identify your company from your point of view. Therefore by listing your company on LinkedIn or by creating a “group” based on your company you are extending the reach of the company, allowing more people (potential customers or potential future employees) to learn more about you. Many companies have a presence on LinkedIn and it is a great method of free advertising as well as creating a loyal following.

    Contact us and we will set up your LinkedIn Company Profile fully optimised.

    Social Bookmarking is a method that allows internet users to share, organise and manage bookmarks of their favourite web resources.It is one of the newer digital marketing solutions that have made a great impact within the online community.

    • Social bookmarking sites such as Digg, Delicious and StumbleUpon allow users to rank and store websites, blogs, web pages, articles, videos, as well many other types of website content. This will also help with enhancing web conversion rates.
    • Social bookmarking is also another key method in promoting a business and when combined with a good Search Engine Optimisation technique, it can also help improve rankings as well as conversions.
    • It is a benefit in terms of e-commerce services as it is another function that benefits prospective and present customers.
    • Many Social Bookmarking services provide web feeds for their lists of Bookmarks. This in turn, allows subscribers to become aware of new bookmarks as they are saved and shared and tagged by other users.
    • Social Bookmarking has become an integral function in any digital marketing strategy. It also has advantages in terms of Search Engine Optimisation. A resource can be ranked based on how many times it has been bookmarked by users.
    • As with blogs and other means of Social Media, it is essential that you commit to submitting only quality content. When done properly, Social Bookmarking has the potential to be an efficient and cost effective Digital PR tool to get traffic to a website and promote a business.
    • Strengthening Business Relationships – by storing information about your clients and potential clients means you can access information pertaining to them within seconds. This also shows that you have an interest in their business due to amount of research.

    Before you carry out a Social Bookmarking campaign it’s thoroughly important to ensure that your website contains valuable and unique content which has been Search Engine Optimised. Otherwise, this could lead to potential users bouncing from your page very quickly as they’re not attaining the information that they require quickly enough. Once this has been done it is easy to run a more successful digital marketing strategy as part of a carefully managed marketing campaign.

    Contact WebResults today for a tailor made Digital Marketing Strategy.

    What Our Clients Say About Us…

    “We worked with WebResults on the design and development of our new website. They guided us through the whole process from start to finish and we were very pleased with the end result. WebResults worked with us on the search engine optimisation of the site, as well and how best to maximise the content for the search engines.

    WebResults took all the hassle out of the project through step by step guidelines to ensure everything was carried out to best practise and in line with the search engines, usability and measurement.

    The project commenced with a detailed workshop where our team worked closely to define how we would best achieve our business objectives through the web. WebResults took the time to understand our business and our market. Detailed market research & keyword research was carried out. One to one interviews were conducted with key stakeholders within the business. There was a lot of focus on ensuring that the website would address the needs of our target market and presented in a way to ensure maximum engagement with the businesses we want to talk to.

    WebResults guided us through the content writing process and on optimising each page of the site and we are seeing the results through our rankings on Google.
    Landing pages with clear prominent calls to action, were designed to ensure maximum conversions with a range of campaigns. The project was delivered to meet agreed deadlines and to ensure delivery of our business objectives. The end results exceeded our expectations.

    We continue to work with WebResults on our digital strategy and would highly recommend their services if you want to maximise your results on the web.”

    “We have been very pleased with the search ranking results that helped us to achieve across The Gift Voucher Shop’s portfolio of websites for both the UK and Ireland.  Webresults invested a great deal of time to research and understand our business and customers. They provided comprehensive Google Analytics reports on a weekly basis which offered great insight into our customer’s experience online.”

    “S.A. Faughnan has built their digital presence significantly, increasing followers and improving engagement on the social networks, driving significantly more SEO traffic through higher rankings on the Google Search Engine for terms that are very focused on their key products and services.

    The Digital Support Programme has allowed S.A. Faughnan to use our own resources within the business to produce relevant market specific content around our products and industry but with the guidance and expertise that WebResults provide, meaning we are always focused on our business objectives and getting results/leads. Through the Digital Marketing Support Programme, we have a clear structure and process in place around our Digital strategy and action plan with the support of WebResults available as we need it.

    “We would highly recommend WebResults for Digital Services. We approached WebResults after being referred to them by another client of theirs. We needed to get our business on the web and to get a website in place that would portray our business and our unique selling point.

    From start to finish, we found WebResults highly professional, very easy to work with and a pleasure to work with. The took us through the whole process without any stress or hassles.

    WebResults commenced the process by really getting a good understanding of our business, our key target markets and our business objectives. From there they made recommendations around the best approach to take and made many really good suggestions which we wouldn’t have thought of ourselves.

    It was important to us that we conveyed the unique selling points we offer as a business and made it easy for current and potential clients to find what they are looking for and we are very happy that WebResults achieved this with the website design and development.

    Throughout the process WebResults were very responsive, always available to meet or discuss any questions we had .

    We will continue to work with WebResults now that the website is up and running to build our profile on the web.”

    “ worked with on the development and search engine optimisation of our website Our primary goal, at is to ensure that prospective customers find us (easily) online, and that when they find us they can easily navigate through the site and find the information that they require.

    The most important issue for us is search engine optimisation, specifically in relation to Google. With the back office that designed for us we are able to optimise our search engine results by managing our own key words, our Google tag lines, etc. Our target was to be within the first 3 organic Google results for our key search terms (floor paint, roof paint, cladding paint, line marking paint, etc.). We have held the number one position for many of these search terms for the past 2 years (having never paid per click).  With our SEO concerns have been well looked after. Rosey is well aware of what Google is looking for and she ensured that our website ticked all of Google’s boxes.

    In terms of the functionality and usability of the site Rosey focused us making the site user friendly. She focused our attention on activities that drive traffic to our site and keep customers happy when they were looking for information on the site. Adding frequently asked questions, blogging, regularly updating content, adding videos and product references, was all part of it.

    We would like to thank Rosey Broderick and for their efforts in making the web a valuable asset to our company.”


    “We have worked with on both a web development and web marketing basis. From start to finish, they have been very focused on our needs and our business objectives. They took the time to understand our business and our market at the beginning and then set out a plan of action. Each month they carry out a set of agreed activities and carefully monitored how each is performing.”

    “Advanced Coatings worked with to develop a new website. We found them to be a very professional company that is hugely competent in the area of website design, web development and search engine optimisation.”

    Choose how you would like to work with us (perhaps a combination of our services) to address your business needs.

    Outsourced services

    We research your marketing, devise your Digital Marketing Strategy and set up and manage your on-going Digital Marketing Activities.

    The Web Mentor Programme

    We guide you and work with you to implement the best combination of services

    Customised Training

    We carry out face to face tracking in the areas of Digital Marketing, where you don’t currently have the necessary skills / knowledge.

    Customised Services

    Training, Mentoring & Support: A customised programme is developed to meet the needs of your business.