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YouTube TrueView Advertising

YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine behind Google!

It has now become a huge part of many people’s lives, whether at home or on the move, which makes for the perfect digital advertising platform.

*TrueView – With YouTube TrueView video ads, the advertiser only pays when someone actually watches the advert. TrueView is available in 2 formats, In-Stream & In-Display.


  • Ads appear just before a YouTube video
  • Charges are on a CPV (cost per view) basis
  • A charge will occur after 30 seconds of the ad has been viewed or the complete ad, whichever comes first
  • A user/viewer has the option to skip the ad 5 seconds in & if they do this within 30 seconds or the end of the ad then no charge will occur
  • The average cost per view ranges from 3¢ – 11¢


  • Ads will appear next to YouTube videos, or in search results
  • Charges are on a CPV (cost per view) basis
  • A charge occurs once the ad is clicked to view/watch
  • No additional charge for a click through to the website
  • The average cost per view ranges from 11¢ – 35¢ Are Proud Google Partners!

As official Google Partners, our highly skilled team is proud to offer expert services through Google’s most popular & effective tools.

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YouTube can drive large volumes of views, strong click through rates & lead to the achievement of many business goals.