Google AdWords New Expanded Text Ads – Best Practice For Implementation

Google launched its new expanded text ads format in 2016, allowing a 2nd Headline & a longer description. AdWords will continue to accept new “traditional” text ads up until Jan 31st, 2017. After Jan 31st, your existing standard text ads will continue to run along with the new expanded text ads, but you will be no longer able to edit or create standard text ads.

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9 Questions to Ask Before Entering Into A PPC Campaign

These questions are questions you should ask yourself once you have completed your research phase and have collected data on what your campaign should be like, with information such as keywords, competitor campaign information etc.

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Google Analytics

Web Analytics Segmentation Tips

With so much data available, how do you know which is useful to you?  One of the greatest ways to get information about your customers is to segment them into different groups.    Here are some great ways to segment your customers:

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Search Engine Optimisation

Advanced SEO Tips To Optimise Your Website

There are a few great ways to optimise your website further, let’s have a look at them!

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PPC Services

Why PPC Cannot Be Ignored By Small Businesses

People use search engines, in most cases, for two things: to buy something or to ask a question. SEO shows its contributions here because those with the best content will rank the highest in order to be as helpful as possible.  Due to the use of SEO, some people forget about the other option available, PPC or pay-per-click.

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PPC Services

Advantages of PPC

1. Instant Results

Once the ads and keywords are set up the campaign can go live immediately. This results in an instant increase in your web presence on search engines for key terms that your campaign is based around. Getting instant results can also be very beneficial for seasonal campaigns. Read more

PPC Services

PPC Online Advertising – Problems and Solutions

PPC online advertising has been around for years and is continuing to grow. New advertisers are jumping on the bandwagon to run paid ads with the most popular platform continuing to be Google AdWords. There are a few problems new advertisers need to be aware of when entering into PPC online advertising. Read more

Pay Per Click Advantages

Pay Per Click is quite a unique way of advertising in the new world. For example, it is completely exclusive to the internet, and it works in a way probably never thought possible before. There are three Main advantages to using this type of advertising; Read more

Key PPC Tips

The Importance of Landing Pages for PPC Campaigns

There is no doubt that having an appealing website that is easy to navigate around can play a role in increasing conversions. Similarly by making it as easy as possible for visitors to reach the information they are looking for will also contribute to high conversions.

PPC and Your Competitors

Search marketing is all about generating traffic to specific sites, the more traffic generated, the more sales can come from it. There is an increasing move in search marketing towards getting higher conversion rates on our sites, which as many of you may know, is not all that easy. Sometimes you can lose sight of why search marketing is so important when all you see is data, this is why it is important to see the other factors that you can see from Pay-Per-Click.

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