Negative Keywords are a core aspect of any keyword list and can help improve performance of your PPC campaign. Adding a negative keyword to your ad group or campaign means that your ads won’t show for searches containing that term. This allows you to focus your ad to target exactly the searches that will bring in quality clicks. By filtering out unwanted impressions, this increases efficiency of your campaign and results in saving your clicks for appropriate prospects/quality visitors, reduce your cost-per-click (CPC), and increase your ROI.  

Implementing Negative keywords is simple, adding negative keywords at ad group level is just like adding any other keywords. The only difference is that you add them to the Negative Keywords section. It is also possible to as negative keywords at campaign level which will apply to all ad groups within the campaign.

An example of a negative keyword is ‘Free Trial’. This will prevent your ad from showing for variations of these words together; however it should be noted that it won’t prevent your ad being shown if only one of these terms is entered. Often the single term ‘Free’ is a useful negative keyword as it helps filter out people looking for free services for example. These searches are not bringing potential business to your website and therefore your budget will be used more effectively. specialise in setting up and managing PPC Campaigns and focus on getting the best results for your business. To start running a PPC Campaign today or to get a review on your current campaign contact