What Can be Learned from SEO to Improve PPC Campaigns?

Search marketers can learn a lot from SEO research. The most obvious lessons can be learned from reports done for organic search so as to get ideas for keywords to include that might not necessarily have been discovered through keyword research using keyword tools. It is worth noting though, that some of these keywords may be too general and too expensive use in PPC campaigns.

Using data in relation to organic search landing pages can provide great keyword ideas and the landing pages that should be used in those campaigns, i.e. choosing landing pages that are already converting well.
You can also identify areas where SEO is working well and for which PPC marketing is very expensive and perhaps not performing that well anyway, and therefore those campaigns could be adjusted and paused. It’s also worth considering the content of the landing pages. Linking to a product search results page may not convert as well as a page with richer explanatory text a nice presentation.
This may be your cue to create pages that are presented in such a way that they convert well when paid search ads link to them. But this will also benefit SEO by adding more unique, relevant content to your website.
It may also be worth considering pausing campaigns on which you are certain marketing messages relevant to your brand, but which are not converting well.