Two Simple Tips for PPC

Google has recently changed its results page, and they have really shaken things up!  The main thing to notice is that Google have only been showing seven organic search results rather than ten.  This is strange news, and troublesome for those of us who are using SEO as they have really moved the posts around.  In some cases, they are showing less than seven, even five.  So, the real question is, how can PPC campaigns take advantage of this change? There are two ways in which this can be done.

Give lower first page results more consideration – as I said, in some cases you can now have half the opposition you may have previously had.  This means you are left with a lot more room to get your advertisement grabbing the attention of potential customers.  If you find that there is too much competition for popular keywords on the first page, consider looking at the lower position spots as you might benefit from the change.
Get more use out of branded and navigation keywords – you should always use the branded and navigation queries available to you.  Due to the fact that there is less organic competition and space on each page, they are more important than ever.  This counts for both your terms, and competitor terms.  Organic listings being reduced means that PPC may be one of the few opportunities that you have to tackle competitor terms.
So now you know that there is less space for organic listings, how will this change your PPC campaign?  And for those businesses that do not have these campaigns, will you consider one now that your chances of being ranked through organic means are reduced?
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