Google Adwords – Costly unless Managed Correctly

What are the most expensive Pay Per Click keywords to bid for on Google Adwords?

A report by Angel Investment Network in mid-2011 found that the keyword Insurance was the most costly, demanding $54.91 CPC. A close second was Loans at $44.28 CPC and Mortgage at $47.12 CPC. The keyword, Insurance, accounted for 24% of the top 10,000 keywords being bid for on Google. Loans accounts for 12.8%, Mortgage for 9% and the next most popular keyword in the top 10,000 keywords was Attorney*.
Guess what comes next? Credit, and then Lawyer. Is this a sign of the times, the focus being on property, loans and credit and perhaps the legal issues currently arising from all those cases where people can no longer afford their homes.
But aside from that, when it comes to PPC advertising, it’s important to remember that while bidding for the single keyword Insurance would be incredibly expensive and you would be competing against massive international insurance corporations, there is always the possibility for you to find a niche within the market where competition is low.
Understanding this and focusing on the ideal Pay Per Click keywords will be essential to the success of your PPC Adwords campaign. As well as identifying keywords that people are actually searching for, but for which competition is low, you also need to ensure you’re not attracting the wrong visitors, i.e. those who will click on your ad and cost you money but won’t buy anything.
So how do you identify such keywords? It’s all about conducting extensive keyword research, identifying niches and then monitoring the campaign closely and tweaking it until you have the optimal keywords doing the job you want them to do.