Back to School With Your PPC Campaign

It’s not just our kids that are back to school, it’s us that should be as well, focusing on our PPC campaigns.  Now that holiday season is over, it’s time to focus on your campaigns and make sure they are a healthy as they can be.

Keywords – come up with new keywords to replace your stale, old ones.  Why not think about having different promotions in a new campaign with new, relevant keywords and landing pages?  Keywords can always do with being checked and changed if needed, so do some research and see if there are any new options for your campaign.  Don’t forget to look at your search query reports to see if there are any new CPC negatives that can save you money.
Bidding and How To Optimise It – If you have two keywords with similar metrics and the same price, do the maths to see which is actually better rather and gives you a higher return on your investment.  If you compare the margins of return on your keywords you can plan for the future.
Be scientific – compare and test theories in advance, then challenge them.  Test out landing pages over time, new bidding plans and more to see if you can make your campaign more positive in this way.  Testing with no end goal is pointless, so set yourself a goal and see what you can achieve in this time so see if you can get any real improvements.
Take advantage of the fresh start and changing season to give your PPC campaign a clear out and fix and see how you can reap the rewards of a healthy PPC campaign all the way into the new year.  For more information on PPC advertising and web marketing, contact us.  For further information on this topic, click here.