Breadcrumb Trails – Make your site more Search Engine friendly

Websites do not only have once entrance which means that visitors to your website can land on a variety of pages when entering your site. This demonstrates the importance of creating a website that is user friendly. Breadcrumb trails were originally developed to help visitors navigate around a website; they can be particularly helpful on large websites as they show the user where the current page is located relevant to the whole structure of the site. It also allows you a short cut to a specific page by clicking one of the links.

Breadcrumb trails can also serve another purpose on a website; they can incorporate significant keywords which plays a role in improving SEO. However, it is important to remember not to stuff your breadcrumb trail with keywords as it is bad practise. This will not only visible look bad to visitors but also decrease the usability of the site and take away from the trails original purpose.

Having your site optimised by using key terms in headings of web pages can help you optimise your breadcrumb trail without taking away from the usability of the site.

Tips to SEO your breadcrumb trail:

  • Enrich with only relevant keywords
  • Don’t just create links to get keywords in, the number of crumbs should be limited
  • Avoid using abbreviations
  • Capitalise the first letter of every link
  • Titles should be kept  short

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