Top Tips for Keyword Analysis

Several types of techniques can be used to promote an organisation’s website and build their web presence. Keyword analysis is one of the techniques and is considered to be one of the most important aspects of SEO. This research and in-depth analysis enables organisations to identify and zone in on words which are often used and searched for by their target customers. Including keywords in the content on your web pages and meta tags will increase the overall ranking for your site. Discussed below are tip and advice for keyword analysis.

1. Conduct thorough initial research

So many businesses now operating online keyword research becomes even more critical. Keyword research is a process that helps you determine suitable keywords which best describe your business and what it is offering.  It is a very important aspect of SEO and must be conducted thoroughly from the start of your web marketing plan.

2. Continuously carry out keyword research

Keywords popularity can change regularly or irregularly but it is important to conduct keyword research not just at the start of your SEO campaign but constantly throughout. This will allow you to discover new key terms and their popularity level and allow you to incorporate them on your web pages and meta tags. Keyword analysis can be done relatively quickly when just looking for new terms and can be very beneficial to improving your web presence.

3. Always check the level of competition 

As mentioned above so many businesses are now online which makes SEO more of a challenge. Many businesses in order to compete are engaging in SEO as a means to get ahead. This can results in competitors using the same key words and phrases that are applicable to your business. Finding key terms with low or medium levels of competition with a high amount of searches will increase organic ranking. This approach increases your chance of appearing on the first page organically as opposed to using highly competitive terms where there are more companies are fighting for a place on page 1 of search engines.

4. Use specific keywords for your company

SEO is not as simple as researching highly searched keywords and incorporating them on your web pages. Using highly searched terms can be irrelevant if the terms you are using are not relevant to your company’s offerings. Using highly searched terms does not mean that it will attract the right customers.  This may result in your website appearing for searches not relevant to your business. Using terms that are specific to what your business has to offer will allow you to appear organically for relevant key terms.

5. Know your target market

The popularity of keywords can vary depending on the country or region that you are targeting. Be sure to determine that the terms that are popular depending on the area you are targeting.

6. Use a good Keyword tools

Goggle Keyword tool and Market Samurai are two tools that allow you to view the amount of monthly searches for a given term and level of competition for these searched terms.  They can also generate results for similar phrases which helps you to consider other terms you may not have considered previously. For more information regarding the Market Samurai tool click here.

It should be noted that although keyword analysis is a very beneficial tool it is not the only aspect of SEO. It is important to remember that using all SEO processes together is the best way to optimise your web presence. For more information on SEO please contact