PPC Marketing Tips for Beginners

As a beginner online marketer there is a tendency to want results right away. Pay per click marketing is one method that can yield results almost instantly if you know what you are doing. However blindly jumping in can result in you losing your shirt and setting you back tremendously.

Pay Per Click Marketing Tips for Beginners

1) Be Relevant-what this means is that you need to make sure that your ad headline, your ad copy, and the website that people are directed to are all relevant to each other. For example a relevant ad for the keyword phrase “Make Extra Money at Home” would have a headline that says “Want to make extra money from home?” and the adcopy would say “Make money at home. Learn the tips to make extra money from home.” And the website that you direct them to should be all about making extra money at home.

Notice that in the headline and the ad copy the words “make”, “money”,”extra”, and “home” all appear. Take very careful note of this because this is very important for relevancy which in turn helps your quality score.

2) Quality Score-Quality score is something that can make or break your pay per click marketing campaigns. It can mean the difference between paying $0.50 per click and $0.30 per click and that margin can make all the difference between a profitable and a not profitable campaign. A big factor in Quality Score is your relevancy, if your headline, ad copy and your website are all relevant to each other, Google will see this and reward you with better pricing.

3) Split Testing-Again this is another variable that can make or break your campaign. Often times marketers will lose money for the first couple of days while they split test different ads to find the best ones. Split testing means running two or more ads against each other to see which ones convert the best. You eliminate the weaker performing ones and keep the stronger ones. From there you change certain variables on the stronger performing ones and try to make them stronger. For example you might try two versions of a headline for an ad and keep the stronger performer.

4) Daily Budget-I have seen many beginners entering in pay per click marketing have their budget wiped out in one day because they did not set daily limits. In you accounts make sure to set a daily limit otherwise your ad could just keep running and you will be on the hook for hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

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