Adwords Custom Alerts will become inactive soon

The following article is an announcement from Google’s Prashant Baheti, AdWords Product Manager:

When we first created custom alerts, we wanted to provide advertisers with a way to be notified when certain behaviours or changes occurred in their AdWords account. Over time, we observed that most advertisers wanted to take action when such triggers occurred within their accounts. Many of these actions can now be done by creating automated rules – a tool within AdWords that enables you to schedule automatic changes to specific parts of your account based on the criteria that you specify.

Based on automated rules adoption, we have decided to sunset custom alerts. Starting June 15, we will disable creation of new alerts and by the end of June, we will stop triggering existing alerts. This means that on June 30, you will not see custom alerts in your AdWords account. If you selected email as your notification method, this means you will no longer receive alert emails.

We are actively working to bring you an email-only option in automated rules so you can be notified when rule requirements are met without taking any action. In the meantime, check out some of the common ways you can use automated rules to save you time in managing your account.