How to Improve your Quality Score

AdWords create a quality score for each of your keywords.  The quality score is calculated each time your keyword matches a search query (each time your keyword has potential to trigger an ad). It’s important to try and improve your quality score so you can maximize the impact of your campaign. It determines how often your ads are shown, where your ads will appear and how much you pay for every click they generate.

In general, the higher your Quality Score, the lower your costs and the better your ad position. To try and improve your Quality score, follow the tips below:

1) Relevancy

This is the key to obtaining a good quality score in AdWords. You must create ad relevance that connects all parts of your campaign in order to get the most out of it. In other words your ads must contain relevant keywords, your landing page must then contain the same search terms and your content must relate back to the specified keywords. Ad Relevance is just the beginning, relevancy throughout your site and landing page is crucial in order to achieve a high quality score.

2) Click Through Rate

Click Through Rate (CTR) also effects your Quality Score. CTR is determined by the number of clicks your ad receives versus how many people were exposed to your ad but didn’t click on it (impressions). This is a combination of CTR and how Google views your ad relevance.

3) Quality Score versus Bid Amount 

Quality Score is more important than how much you are paying for keywords / terms. For example if you are paying €2 for your term and your competitor is only paying €1.50, if their quality score is better their ad will be ranked above yours and ranking of your Ad is vital to improve CTR and conversion rates. specialise in setting up and managing Pay Per Click Campaigns, with our key focus being on maximising results for clients, for more information on Google AdWords contact us today.