Automated Rules in AdWords

AdWords Automated rules was launched earlier this year and has proved to be a handy feature that  will save time by scheduling automatic changes to your account. With this tool, regularly pausing and enabling ads, adjusting bids and performing other manual tasks in AdWords will become much more efficient. However, it is still important to check and monitor your account performance even though automated rules have been set up.

So what can Automated Rules do for you?

1) Schedule Ads

Scheduling ads allows you to turn on / off ads for special promotional events or in the case where ads are to appear on a repeat basis (for example each weekend). These Ads can be automatically switched on or off depending on your specifications.

2) Pausing low-performing ads or keywords

This area allows Ads to be paused based on keyword or ad performance / metrics, so for ads that have a low CTR or keywords that have a high cost per conversion, they can then be automatically paused.

3) Bids and bid scheduling

Bids and bid scheduling allows you to control your bidding even more. This area allows you to adjust keywords based on cost per conversion, change bids to reach a desired average position, raise bids so as to ensure they show on the first page of Google and bid scheduling allows a higher bid during certain hours of the day.

4) Control Budgets and Costs

This area allows you to increase budgets for campaigns that convert well (using cost per conversion tracking).  Budget scheduling as above, will allow a higher budget on certain days of the week/ hours of the day. The ability to pause a campaign once a certain amount has been spent or pause once a certain number of clicks will allow you to manage and ensure your budget is spent in the area you choose as you can cap other campaigns using a variety of metrics, so your budget is spent where your choose to focus. specialise in setting up and managing Pay Per Click campaigns, with our key focus being on maximising results for clients, for more information on Google AdWords, contact us today.