AdWords Editor & its Benefits

AdWords Editor is a free Google application that makes managing your AdWords campaigns easier and quicker.  It allows you to update and edit your campaigns and then upload the changes to your AdWords account. Other benefits and features of AdWords Editor include:

  • Work Offline -It allows you to work offline on changes and then upload them at a later stage
  • Avoid mistakes -You don’t need to worry about mistakes as no changes are implemented until you post them
  • Easy to undo – changes are easily undone by simply selecting the changes and reverting it.
  • Bulk changes – You can make a large amount of changes in just a few steps for example add multiple keywords
  • Copy and move items – It is easy to copy and move items between ad groups and/or campaign including keywords and ads. You can also copy and move ad groups to different campaigns. This can save a significant amount of time
  • Navigation – It is easy and quick to navigate around
  • Save snapshot – It allows you to save a snapshot of the account which includes statistics for a chosen period of time
  • Avoid duplicate keywords – It helps you find duplicate keywords in the same ad group or in other ad groups, this ensures that you are not bidding against yourself
  • Negative keyword management – is made easier as multiple one can be uploaded at a given time

Whether you are new to Google AdWords or have been using it for years, AdWords Editor is an essential tool that every PPC Marketer should be using. It can save significant time when managing a campaign. The team are experts in using AdWords Editor to help both improve and manage Google AdWords Campaigns. We are currently running a Google AdWords management special offer, for more information on our PPC Services please contact