AdWords Location Extensions

Location extensions allow you to attach your business address to your ads.  Location extensions can be set up quite simply by linking your AdWords Campaign to your Local Business Centre Account (Google Places). Once extensions have been set up Google will automatically match your business to a users location (or search terms) and show your business address in your ads.

If Google cannot determine the users location or if there are no relevant addresses to show, Google will just show your ad without the address. This is a handy advancement as there is also the option of setting up specific location extensions for individual ads which is of great benefit if for example, an offer is running in a specific store.

Along with your business address and telephone number, these ads also show directions to your business location. When users click on your directions, the quickest route from the users location to your business is displayed. Google however have noticed that the directions are of great benefit to users and often lead to more interactions with your ads.

Therefore, over the next while Google are to introduce performance metrics for directions alongside clicks and phonecalls. This then means that Google will now charge for clicks on directions in the same way the do for your ad’s heading or phone number. If your campaign has a high number of these ‘direction’ clicks, this would indicate that your customers are interacting with your ads. So in summary:

  • Measurability – The number of clicks on directions will now be measurable in the same area as your other click metrics
  • Clicks on directions: If you do not want to pay for clicks on directions, you can opt out by simply removing the location extensions
  • How will directions appear i on desktop and mobile devices?

Desktop: AdWords Campaigns which have location extensions enable will simply include a ‘Directions’ link in the ads and on sponsored Google Maps information.

Mobile Devices: A popup will appear that contains the text ‘Get directions using Google Maps?’ by clicking on Ok the popup will then bring up directions to your business.

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