Brand Keywords – to bid or not to bid

When it comes to PPC many businesses are of the opinion that they do not need to bid on their business name, the argument being why pay for brand keywords when we rank organically for these terms.  Big Brands such as Amazon and Domino’s Pizza bid on their business name even though their brands are well established and often have top organic placements.

Here are some reasons as to why you should perhaps consider bidding on your business or brand name:
1) Page Domination: PPC / Sponsored listings appear above organic and local listings. Sponsored listings look increasingly like organic listings and could promote higher click through rates.
2) Improve you online reputation:  Not all the sites that show up in organic search results will be the ones you own, which limits your control over what is being said about your business. Often reviews are the most common type of content that show up in organic searches and often they can be negative. One way to combat this negativity is to bid on your business name and try offset some of this negativity with positive content about your business in order to improve you online reputation.
3) Edge out the Competition: Competitors could be bidding on your name in order to reroute customers away from you. Bidding on your business keywords will help to ensure  you have widespread presence when people search for your business.
4) Own your name: Clicks from a business name are usually less expensive that other keywords and because of the very nature of PPC you will only pay when people click on you ad. It is often a good way to re-engage with existing customers and could prove to be quite a profitable keyword.
5) Brand Awareness: If your business has a strong representation on the search engine results pages it will help to add credibility of your business.
As you will see from the above that there are a number of reasons for bidding on your business / brand keywords. specialises in setting up and managing PPC campaigns in order to maximise results for clients. For further information on our Pay Per Click Services, please contact us today.