Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click Advertising Tools

One of the most popular and potentially most profitable, new marketing strategies for businesses is Pay Per Click advertising. This form of advertising is online, and the defining characteristic is that businesses only pay for people clicking their ad, not simply paying for how many views there are to the ad. This helps advertisers pay only for the interest there is in their product. Read more

SEO Website Video

Why Videos On Your Site Are Great For SEO

Whether you know it or not, rich content like videos are great for a website’s SEO.  Knowing this alone may not be enough, so here are some of the benefits of video content on your website that you may not be aware of: Read more


A Guide to Making Facebook Marketing Work for Your Business

Business owners know that they should be using Facebook, but many don’t know what they should be doing on it in order to drive sales or generate business. Many businesses have very active campaigns and yet they still feel they are not getting the full value out of Facebook.

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