From April 21st 2015 Google has been prioritising sites that are mobile responsive above sites that are not mobile responsive. If you have seen your traffic from google dropping, this may well be the reason.

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    Nurse Jobs Ireland

    Since starting the web mentor programme with WebResults, Nurse Jobs Irelands search engine optimisation and ranking has improved month on month, and we are continuing to achieve the results we are looking for.

    Aoife Manning

    Facebook Business Page Franchises

    How To Manage Multiple Locations For Your Business On Facebook?

    , , , , ,
    We are frequently asked by businesses with multiple locations or branches how best to structure their Facebook presence. To address their key concerns, we have compiled answers to their key questions, as follows: Whats the best strategy…
    retargeting Google Ads

    The Importance Of Remarketing Audiences In Google Ads

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    Remarketing has consistently proven to be an effective way of driving conversions and closing potential customers. In fact, according to, retargetting ads typically have 10x higher click through rate than your average Display ads,…
    Google Ad Extensions

    Template for Google Ads Article

    Google Ads extensions can increase your CTR by up to 20% according to Google. So why aren't you using them? Or if you are, are you using them to their maximum potential? Extensions effectively give you more space on the search results page.…

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    We carry out face to face tracking in the areas of Digital Marketing, where you don’t currently have the necessary skills / knowledge.

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