At we offer our ‘Digital Mentor Programme’, where we work directly with your business, on your own customised Digital marketing plan.

  • We start by understanding your business and your market.
  • We set out daily/weekly/monthly tasks and agree the timeframes with you. We then review your performance each week/month(depending on package), in terms of how you progress with the tasks set out and the impact this has on your web performance.
  • We offer support on an ongoing basis to answer your questions as they arise and help you with any issues you come upon.
  • We have a weekly or monthly conference call or meeting (depending on package) where we review the month just gone and set out the action plan for the following month. We continue to follow the process each month. You bring the digital skills required to manage your digital marketing, in-house, with guidance from the experts. We ensure you are focused on the key priorities and that the time is spent where you will get the best results. (Programme does not include set up or management of Google Ads campaigns).

This structured programme which includes monthly support, by email/phone, depending on the package chosen, to deal with questions / issues that crop up while working through the tasks, templates, guideline and performance reviews.
Contact us for further details.

As a result of the programme, you will

  • work with a clear strategy and clear objectives ensuring that all activities are cohesive and working towards clear end goals
  • bring web marketing skills in-house
  • build the processes of managing and updating your web marketing activities and content, into the daily routine and under the remit of your staff
  • know that you are putting your focus in the activities that will bring the best ROI to your business through the web
  • have access to expertise and support as it is needed
  • work against realistic time frames ensuring that the work is carried out effectively and prioritised
  • constant review of activities ensure that you are constantly in tune with your market and that your performance on the web is optimised