Term Extractor Tool

The Term Extractor Tool can be found on the website SEO moz (http://www.seomoz.org/term-extractor). This tool analyses the content on a web page and it then extracts the terms that appear to be targeted by the search engines. It applies certain weight to HTML elements and other on-page factors to determine what it thinks are the targeted terms for the page entered.

The Term Extractor Tool is a free tool and can be quite handy when analysing and assessingkeywords for a website. Any url for any page on the website can be inserted and the tool will generate the top ten terms and phrases. These keywords and phrases provide a good overall picture and insight about which words the search engines find important / relevant on the web page. If these do not reflect the subject matter of the page, then you will know that action needs to be taken.

The data is presented in detail with each term and where exactly it is found on the page and its importance as a percentage. This is really advantageous as it will actually specify if the keywords are appearing in the important meta title, description, alt and Headings tags and if not, then this should be implemented where necessary.

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