SEO Moz Pro is a SEO & Social Software that combines SEO Management, social Media monitoring, actionable recommendations and so much more form one simple platform

This SEO Platform provides the following:

Weekly Crawls & Rank Tracking – This tool crawls your site each week, notifying you about issues that may impact your performance. It also monitors rankings for all the keywords that are important to your product offering. This create less work for you and allows you to have more time spent optimising

On Page Recommendations – This tool makes a variety of on-page, actionable recommendations for your website. It helps you not only understand where things may have gone awry but gives you clear instructions on what to fix to see immediate results. Thus allowing you to make the recommended improvements and watch your rankings improve.

Competitive Analysis – Monitor your competitors and there online performance. Utilizing Open Site Explorer, the SEOmoz PRO web app monitors your competitors’ rankings and link metrics so you can gain an edge on the search results page.

Continual Improvement – This tool keep track of key metrics so you can continually gauge your success. SEO Moz are very committed to improving their web app with new features and functionality regularly so you know you’re getting the latest industry-leading SEO technology.

Some of SEO Moz tools include:

  • Open site Explorer
  • Keywrods Difficulty
  • SEO Moz Toolbar
  • Beta access to new tools