Partner Referrals Programme

The Referral Programme – Form a Partnership with us

Why sell our services

A partnership with will allow you to grow your revenues with a generous recurring revenue stream, with no effort once your referred clients start working with

For our monthly programmes, a client signs up for a min of 6 months.

  • SEO: standard package starts at €499 + VAT per month, €999 + VAT per month etc. Fees go           upwards from there depending on the level of activity we are carrying out.
  • Google Adwords Set up/Management of campaigns


Starts at €250 + VAT per month + advertising budget to Google. You will receive 10% commission each month for 6 months on fees*, when a client signs up for the 6 month programme**

*Typically the earnings would be upwards of €100 per month per client you recruit, as many will do a combination of SEO and Adwords and other services.
**Commission doesn’t apply to Advertising budget or costs going to third parties


What’s in it for you?

  • Satisfy your clients and add value – a new service offering to your existing portfolio
  • SEO often requires further development work, which means additional development work for you
  • Also increased usage of your clients websites/services through increased traffic/business, results in additional functionality, capacity and thus more business for you
  • An affiliate partnership with the best! We are in the Web Marketing business for over 12 years. We have a portfolio of existing clients. We want results to keep our clients and keep your commissions* flowing!

*Commission is paid within 30 days of payment being received from our client. Our clients pay on a monthly basis.


Benefits of forming a partnership with us?

  • Your focus is Web Design and Web Development
  • Our main focus and expertise is carrying out on-going SEO activity and online marketing activities
  • We understand the process of increasing a website’s rankings in the search engines, how to get a website to rank in Google’s first page results, and
  • How to build any businesses profile on the web.
  • A partnership in the form of the Referral Programme will enhance the value of your services and help you grow your business.
  • It allows you to add this valuable service to your product offerings, without investing your own time and money in learning how to do SEO.
  • We pay you a generous referral fee for any leads that end up doing on-going business with us.


Why has been in the business of “web marketing” since 2007. Rosey Broderick, MD has over 12 years web marketing experience. When you join the Referral programme, you are forming a partnership with the best. Our full-service on-page and off-page services include SEO, Link Building, PPC, Blogging, Social Media and more.


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