Pay Per Click Tips – Keywords

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Pay Per Click Advertising is an extremely effective tool for online marketing with numerous benefits. Having a PPC campaign allows you to expose your ads to millions of internet users, this increases the chances of potential customers visiting your site. It is also possible to tailor specific campaigns towards specific target markets which help attract quality visitors to your site. Setting up a PPC campaign allows you to start generating traffic immediately. However, having an understanding of the correct criteria in setting up and running a PPC campaign is vital to its success. We have outlined 5 top tips which will help you optimise your campaign and in turn increase traffic to your website.


Top 5 PPC Tips – Keywords

1) Pick low competition keywords

Keywords can be highly competitive resulting in the desired keyword being costly. The key is to find a slightly different variation of the desired keyword as this will cost less. This will allow you to get more out of your allocated budget.

2) Use Specific Keywords

Identifying keywords that people would search for when looking for what your company offer is a way of attracting quality traffic to your website. Avoid using general terms as it can often result in visitors clicking through that will not result in sales, costing you money for their click.

3) Write compelling ads 

Ad’s need to catch the attention of potential customers, therefore they need to be appealing. The key to this is to include a benefit in your ad that will make visitors want to click to find out more.

4) Use Plurals

Always include singular and plural versions of all keywords, factoring in all variations will ensure your ads appears for different variations people search for.

 5) Use negative keywords:

Adding in negative keywords can help you filter through traffic so that only quality traffic is brought to your website or specific landing page. This will help you to avoid using up your budget on unwanted traffic.

Incorporating these PPC tips into your campaign can help you improve the quality of traffic to your website which will result in the right people landing on the right pages.

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