Online PR Tools

Businesspersons seek after smiles. But not all grins are genuine; not all dimples are delightful. And a successful public relations (PR) manager will use online PR tools to find out who is genuinely smiling and who is just smirking.

A PR manager is the small deity of his online dominion. And he keeps a wary eye on subjects and visitors. Online reputation monitoring is the most important part of public relations. Effective media monitoring uses statistical analysis to measure who is saying what, when and why. Web analytics can evaluate customer demographics and psychographics and return a sheet of precious quantifiable information.

Businesses care about customers’ comments concerning their online website .web analytics services and website analysis measure criteria such as entry/exit point, time spend per page, most popular pages/products, effective Pay Per Click (PPC) advertisements, keyword density and keyword popularity, a treasure-trove of invaluable information.

No public relations campaign is complete without involving customers. They must be gently pushed and prodded toward a certain idea, one that they will hopefully embrace. Blog marketing, e-mails, press releases, SEO, widgets and articles can all be used to mold and shape public opinion. But, as all savvy businesspersons know, the ROI is god. Statistical analysis and website analysis can rate the effectiveness of blog marketing and other interactive methods.

But methods such as online reputation monitoring and .web analytics only crush frowns; they do not elicit grins. Use Pay Per Click (PPC) advertisements and interactive public relations campaigns to get true smiles.