Online PR & Reputation Management

Online  PR involves reputation management on the web through media outlets, whereas  online marketing focuses on spreading the word on services and products  available for sale.

Online PRmanagement is equally as important as online  marketing practices for a business.

Online marketing includes creating a message to broadcast through the internet.  The goal of this form of marketing is to create an audience for a service or  product. Creating a favorable view of a service or brand through social media  marketing, a press release, and other forms internet advertising is how the  message is delivered to an audience. Public relations helps keep the brand  image controlled. In online PR, the brand becomes the authority on any and all  information linked to the company. Damaging information, media missteps, and  legal matters are best handled through the online marketing team to maintain a  healthy brand image.

There are some tips for online PR that a brand should follow. Remembering to  always stay ahead of the message is an important aspect of public relations.  Timing of the delivery of any message is essential in crisis management.  Cultivating an audience via online communities is critical to a brand’s ability  to effectively respond to controversial information circulating about the  company.

Online marketing is about advertising services and products, while online PR is  about reputation management and crisis management for a brand. It is ideal that  a strategy be in place for both, as the brand can only benefit from having both  the image and the message under control.