How Online PR is different from Online Marketing

When you first start getting serious about the idea of online marketing, you may wind up feeling a bit confused by all the different words and phrases being thrown around. You’ll hear marketing and advertising referred to as two different things, online PR is a third concept entirely, and you’ll read a lot of advice, much of it conflicting, regarding how best to manage all of this along with web analytics and SEO.

While analytics software and search engine optimisation software may be tricky to learn at first, the fact is that it can be a lot simpler than many people make it out to be. Everything you know about marketing and PR in print and in other media, you can apply it to the web. It’s just that there are a couple of things to learn on top of that, as well. Here’s what you might not know yet about online marketing and online PR.


Online Marketing

This is really just about getting the word out, making yourself known. The truth is that if you have a strong product or concept at work, then you don’t really even have to worry about this too much. Ever hear of World of Warcraft? Of course you have. You might not even play games at all, you might not remember where you heard of that game, but in the age of the internet, everyone’s heard about everything worth hearing about. After web analytics, SEO analytics software and search engine optimisation software, you should spend enough to get the ball rolling and rely on the product to sell itself.

Online Public Relations

Online PR is all about making yourself approachable. Social networking has allowed fans and customers to feel as if their favourite singer or actor, the guy who designed their laptop or the director of their favourite movie is approachable, a real person. You may want to hire a PR expert to help manage your image, but the core concept at work here is: let customers know you’re a real person.