Facebook Update Targeting Tips

Facebook Update Tips
Most people are using social media marketing now to market their business online on channels such as Facebook.  Do you think about your Facebook status updates before you post them?  Did you know that with a bit of thought you can target your statuses to the audience that will appreciate them the most?  Here are some tips that can help to add a bit of targeting to your Facebook updates, remember to use them liberally and only as an add on to good quality updates.

  • Scheduling
Schedule the posts you plan to put up at peak times so that more people are likely to see the post go up.  Sounds simple, but it is such a little thing that could greatly increase the amount of people seeing the post.  Facebook lets you schedule posts, so you can write up a few status updates and then schedule them without worrying you’ll forget to sign in and post them yourself!  Always experiment so see when the best time for you by posting a few times a day and see which ones best.
  • Tag it
Recently Facebook took away some of the advantages of tagging posts, making them no longer visible on other pages.  Tagging is still great for making status updates interactive and interesting for the viewer, which is the main goal – to increase interaction with your chosen audience.
  • Location
Add locations to your updates, this doesn’t have any advantages as of yet but it definitely will in the future.  The main thing to remember is that it gives a bit more content to the update that it may not have otherwise.
Target Locations
This is a new feature that’s great for chain companies and companies with a few stores so you can focus on specific stores with each status update that relates to them via a united Facebook page that applies to all of the stores.
  • Language Targets
Threw Facebook, you can also target languages.  This is great if you have a few locations in different countries, so you can target people for example in France through French rather than everyone.
Add Pictures and Videos
This is as simple as rich content being more attention grabbing than just text.  Social media marketing is all about quick updates that are eye catching, so pictures and videos are perfect for this as they will stand out to your customers more than anything else.
  • Emphasise Posts That Are Important
There are two ways to emphasise one post over another, you can highlight the post (this means it appears on both sides of your timeline) and secondly, you can pin the update to the top of your feed to make sure it is always the first one people see for a set period of time.   You cannot use both in conjunction with each other.
As I said, do not use all these methods all the time as it will be over kill, you want to reach the most people at the best time, but sometimes targeting etc is the key when it’s something specific to a market.  Try the methods out and see when it’s best to post for you, which of the above methods applies to you and helps you to reach the correct people and finally what kind of information gets the most attention from your customers towards your page.
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