Negative Keyword Tool

For a successful PPC Campaign it is imperative to use relevant keywords in your pay-per-click advertisements so you can attract search engine users who are likely to become customers.

However, using negative keywords is equally as important, because it allows you to prevent wasting money on keywords that aren’t relevant to your business and product offerings.  Negative keywords offer an opportunity to strategically restrict your PPC advertisements, so they only reach your potential audience, though acting like a filter. Creating an environment where you can dynamically define effective negative keywords helps you: Improve Click-Through Rate (CTR); Create More Relevant Ad Groups & Save Money 

WordStream offers an innovative, free negative keyword tool that will help you lower costs and improve Quality Score for more effective, relevant, and budget-friendly PPC campaigns.

WordStream’s negative keyword tool is unique because it allows you to:

  • Eliminate wasteful ad spend before it starts by proactively setting negative keywords and match types.
  • Save time and increase productivity by identifying whole clusters of related negative keyword candidates rather than single instances of negative terms.
  • Efficiently manage negative keyword research by using the same tool to find, and review negative keywords and upload changes directly to your AdWords account.

When you enter a keyword in the Free Negative Keyword Tool, it searches a massive keyword database of more than a trillion search queries for modifiers that may not be relevant to your offerings. You can then review these terms and tell the tool whether or not they are relevant to your campaigns.

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