Google Insights

Google Insights is a great tool for forecasting, trend analysis and gaining competitive insights in to what people are searching for. Google Insights provides up to date patterns of what people are searching for around the world. This tool will allow you to compare search volume patterns for multiple keywords across a number of different categories. It will also allow you so choose specific time frames and select your geographic region.  Google Insights will allow you to:


  • Analyse Insights in to top category based keywords and fastest rising searches
  • View relative trends for keywords
  • Determine the top related keywords and fastest rising related keywords
  • Generating new keyword ideas that perhaps had not been considered before


Google Insights can be quite beneficial for keyword ideas and for monitoring the way people are searching so it is definitely a tool with which we would recommend using regularly. specialise in Search Engine Optimisation and setting up / managing Pay Per Click campaigns, with our key focus being on maximising results for clients. For more information on Google AdWords, contact us today.