Link Building Through Directories, Is It Worth It?

Do you still add your business listing to directories? Today we’re going to discuss whether or not this is actually useful for your business and if you should do it.  Many people ask about this topic because of issues such as Google Penguin – is this a safe practise according to Google?

The truth is, the answer is “it depends”.  Many people just think a link is a link and this is not technically correct, so don’t automatically assume this is the case.  The main issue with this practise is the type of page you are listed on and the relevance of the link leading to your page from there to your website.  Always stay focused on your area of business.
Not so long ago there was a uproar because people thought free directories were no longer being indexed by Google, while this proved to be untrue, it certainly highlights that perhaps it may happen one day or at least that there are rumours floating around about it and who knows, they could be coming straight from the search engine.  Either way, it does seem it isn’t a viable source anymore.
While we can never be sure which links are the best links when it comes to directories, you can be sure that relevant directories to your business are much better.  Never just throw links down on every directory imaginable, do research and see which ones suit your business type.
Think of it this way:
  • Is this a site you want promoting you?
  • Does it look like a site that is not very professional and that people do not even use to source businesses?
These two questions alone should help you filter out which directory sites can actually work for you.  Remember how important quality links are and relevance of those links.  If you need more help with your SEO, link building and web marketing – contact us.  For more information on this topic, click here.