The Benefits of Blogging for SEO

A Company blog is often set up as a medium to reach your target market; informing and providing them with content that you think would appeal to them. It allows you to create an informal public persona which makes your company more accessible to the public.

Uploading good quality / relevant information will not only attract visitors (and potential customers) to your blog and website, but will help build up your reputation. This can result in visitors getting involved eg signing up to regular updates , RSS Feeds, commenting etc

Creating a company blog not only benefits your target market but can also be a great way to improve the Search Engine Optimisation of your website.

The benefits of Blogging for Seo purposes include:

1) Search Engines Favour Blogs over Websites

The nature of the content of a company blog differs hugely to that of a company website and search engines often give more authority to blogs. The reason being websites usually contain promotional content whereas blogging is considered to be of a more informative nature.

2) Increase Activity

In general blogs are typically updated much more frequently than web content. Fresh blogging material is an advantage as it will increase and improve real time search results. Search engines prefer sites that active.

3) Blog Optimisation

Using keywords within your blog can help to increase the presence of your website on the search engines.

4) Enabling Interaction

Having comment boxes for visitors responses is really important as not only does this allow for two way interaction between company and a customer but it also is considered ‘Activity’ and therefore will help with search engine rankings.

       5) Back Links:

Blogs can contain links back to your website creating a new channel with which to drive traffic to and access your site. Due to the informational rather than promotional nature of the content, blog posts are more likely to draw natural links (e.g. from news stories, articles and other blogs) than website content.

As you can see a blog can play a major role in SEO for your website. For more information on how blogging can help your website, contact the webresults team today.