Link Building Campaigns for SEO purposes

All search engines differ in how they determine where a websites ranks on their search engines for different phrases. Search Engine Optimisation is a marketing activity that increases your ranking and as a result, your web presence. There are numerous activities involved in SEO such as content optimisation, defining optimum structure and navigation of site, inputting meta data, creating friendly URL’s,  use of keywords and creation of links. All of these activities combined can dramatically improve your web presence.

Link building is an essential aspect of SEO. Engaging in link building helps obtain high level organic ranking on search engines for you website. Google no longer prioritise websites solely on the use of keywords on a website, they also take into consideration ‘off page’ activities when determining where a website ranks. Link building is a particularly crucial tool if you want to increase your off page activities. The logic of this being that Google determine the reliability of your website on the basis of how many other sites want to be linked to your site.

Links can be in bound links (also known as back links) which are links from other websites to yours, and out bound links which are links from your website to others. Using quality links prove more beneficial as Google reward your site for having links that are of relevance to what your company is offering.

Some examples of link building include reciprocal links, one-way links, theme-based links and directory submission links. A Reciprocal link involves an agreement between two websites to create a link on both websites linking to the each other’s website. This is mutually beneficial to both websites and is generally used for the exchanging of information with related sites. It can be of benefit to site visitors as it allows for quick access to related information.  Creating these links will benefit your website not only for SEO purposes but it also creates a new channel for consumer to access your website.

Tips for link building:

  1. Engage in sufficient research to ensure quality links
  2. Ensure the links you are using are of relevant, interesting and recent information
  3. Make sure links are placed on relevant pages of your website
  4. Do not over load pages with outgoing links
  5. Link building is a continuous process in order to attract traffic


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