Identifying Prospects for Link Building Activities

Link building can be a challenging and time consuming process. In order to build links to your website you will need to cover a wide range of opportunities and generate the right targets and leads for your project / campaign. While this is easy enough to start off with by simply running Google searches on top terms you will be able to find content rich websites to target. However, once you’ve gone through this list, you will then realise the challenge ahead. We have compiled some tips to consider while taking part in link building activities.

1) Advanced Search Queries
This is a great way to find opportunities for guest blogging or to find blogs that will accept guest blog posts.  Searching for specific content by title for example will help to filter websites that are relevant and also find advertising and guest blogging opportunities. Using a range of advanced search queries will help to refine and identify potential prospects for you to use to build links.
2) Use Twitter to find niche bloggers
Building relationships on Twitter is a great way of generating opportunities. Regularly talking to bloggers in your industry , you will be developing relationships that could then be use for guest blogging, obtaining review, product launches and much more.
3) Ask questions
Having built up relationships with blogger / industry professionals, simply ask them which blogs / websites they follow? This can be a great way to identify sites/blogs that you may not have come across previously. If it is a recommendation, you will also have an angle to start contact with the site / blog.
4) Use what is already out there
Competitor analysis  – Looking at competitors links will help provide inspiration and potentially opportunities too. Also, look for lists such as the most influential bloggers in your industry etc.
5) Use PPC to find advertising opportunities
Running a short, PPC campaign is a great way to find opportunities for your link building activities. Once a PPC ad is live on relevant blogs, you could contact some of the bloggers, mention your advert and suggest collaborating and looking at other options for going forward.
6) Blogroll and directory links
When you stumble upon a  blog that you would really like a link from, look out for a links page or a blog roll to find other similar bloggers that could also provide links to your site. Also, bear in mind that not all blogs are optimised for search so many will be hard to find.
7) Reverse image search
Often people complain on blogs and websites that their imagery has been used, seize the opportunity, it could potentially be a great link. Email the blog / site in question and simply as to add a link to your website as the source of the image. This technique is free and the reason why optimising images and making them freely available could be a great opportunity for link building.
8) Use existing relationships
Finally, if you are involved within your industry, why not simply utilise the contacts that have blogs. These links are simply, natural and difficult for competitors to copy.
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