How to Write Attractive PPC Ads

Pay Per Click Advertising success depends mainly on how effectively you write your PPC Ads. If the Ads are not compelling and attractive, then users are not going to click on you Ads. Ad Copy that is written correctly can result in higher CTR (click through rates) and increased conversion rates. We have compiled some general guidelines when writing Ad Copy for PPC Ad Campaigns.

1) Keep the Ads Focused To Your Target Audiences

A clear understanding about  your target market / audience is essential, you must write ads in a way that your target audience will find interesting, attractive and compelling.

2) Write about the Benefits not the Features

The focus for PPC ads should be on describing the benefits of the product / service, not the features. This will give the users a reason to click on the ad and visit the relevant landing page.

3) The Ads Must Be Wisely Embedded With Keywords

Using your keywords wisely within the Ad copy is really important as it can increase the CtTR and conversion rate if done so correctly.

4) A ‘Call To Action’ is key

A ‘Call To Action’ is the key to writing successful PPC Ads but steer clear of words such as ‘Press here’, ‘Visit Here’ and ‘Click here’

5) Use Correct Spelling and Grammar

Errors in spelling and grammar can be a huge turn off, so do not forget to check it before you upload your PPC ads

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