The Advantages of Advertising on Facebook

Although Google Offers highly targeted Advertising, Facebook Pay Per Click offers some unique opportunities that should also be considered when trying to reach your target market.

Some of the Benefits of Facebook Advertising include:

1) Bid on Demographics – Instead of bidding on keywords or phrases people are searching for, you bid on the demographics of the users. This therefore allows you to target your ads to a specific age, gender, school and even specified hobbies / interests. Also, Facebook Demographic s are considered to be more accurate than other data.

2) There are two options available when advertising on facebook; Cost Per Click (CPC) and Cost Per Impression (CPM) this then allows you to have even more control and therefore allows you to choose the option that will suit your campaign best.

3) Facebook Reports– Facebook has its own area within the basic ad manager whereby you can receive 3 reports and the reports are on advertising performance, responder demographics and responder profiles.

4) Ability to Split test ads by demographic – this is whereby you can create two advertisements and compare which version of the ad performs better / gets a better response. This will then allow you to narrow your targeting further, refine your ad copy and most importantly take into consideration lessons learned from previous steps.

If Facebook Pay Per Click sounds like something you and your company may be interested in, contact ustoday for more information.