How to use LinkedIn for Business

Any good adwords professional will be able to tell you how LinkedIn advertising is now a must for any small to medium size business. LinkedIn is a professional social network. It allows business people to connect online with colleagues / classmates simply and quickly, converse online about similar areas of interest, find out answers from industry experts  or is even used now in seeking out potential employees. You may or may not already be aware but LinkedIn actually run its own form of Pay Per Click Advertising similar to that of Google Adwords.

They have a similar layout and format but we have outlined  just some of the benefits of LinkedIn Advertising below:

1) The LinkedIn Audience is a more business focused user group

2) The ability to demographically target your ads by industry, profession, age and location

3) There are two options to choose from when using LinkedIn advertising Cost Per Click (CPC) and Cost Per Impression (CPM)

4)  If you’re not sure how to use LinkedIn for business, the rules are quite simple. The more specific you’re targeting is the easier it will be to control costs.

5) Advertisements are impressed based on the match with the user’s profile

There are approximately 425,000 LinkedIn users in Ireland as at March 7th 2011. It is also interesting to note that since November 2010 LinkedIn has grown +20%. These are some interesting statistics that should definitely be considered when thinking about going about setting up PPC Campaigns.

If LinkedIn PPC sounds like something that may be of benefit to your company, contact us at today to speak to a qualified adwords professional.