How To Make Use Of Big Data

It is estimated that around 10% of marketers think that their analytics are useful.  The issue with analytics is not how useful they are, but how they are being made use of.  If you do not use them properly, then they will not give you the best return that they can.

A lot of people think web analytics is all about looking at some numbers are having them simply tell you how your business is doing.  There is much more to web analytics, it involves analysing your investment into your marketing campaign against the online results you have achieved.  While you have metrics around page views etc, there is a much bigger story to them than just what is in front of you.
Some ways of making you web analytics work better for you are:
-Understand that some people visit your site purely because they are looking for information.  Not all people are potential customers, they could be looking for information on your product, your company or anything else that may be on your site.
-Make everything measurable, everything your business does should have a monetary value.   Sales are easy to measure in this way but they are not the only thing you should have measured in this way.
The main thing to remember is that web analytics is about understanding how your users interact on your page.  Data on its own does not mean much, but when you apply it to a scenario it starts to make more sense.  This is when you get real information, so remember never to just look at your web analytics as they are, but apply them to your particular situation to get the real information you need.
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