How to Link Google AdWords and Google Analytics Accounts

One of the most important parts of linking Google Analytics and Google AdWords is to make sure that you’re using the same Google Account email address for both your Analytics and AdWords accounts, and that the AdWords login email address has Admin access for the Analytics account.

Please find instruction below on how to link your Adwords & Anlytics accounts:

  1. Sign in to your AdWords account at
  2. Select the Reporting tab and choose “Google Analytics.”
  3. Select “I already have a Google Analytics account.”
  4. From the Existing Google Analytics Account drop-down menu, select the name of the Analytics account you’d like to link to. If you don’t see it listed, you’ll need to first add your AdWords username to your Analytics account as an Account Admin.
  5. Keep the checkboxes selected on this page, unless you’re sure you’d like to disable auto-tagging.
  6. Select Link Account.

Congratulations your two accounts should now be linked. If you opted to keep auto-tagging turned on, Analytics will start automatically tagging your AdWords links. You’ll be able to track the behaviour of visitors coming from your AdWords efforts, making it easier to gauge the ROI of your AdWords budget and make changes as necessary.