Optimising Your Social Media Publishing

Optimizing your social content is a relatively new concept, but as any marketer knows, statistics go hand in hand with any website or social media page.  When you collect enough data, statistics show us that our users behave in measurable patterns.

There are three ways to go about optimising your social publishing.  The first involves collecting all your different profiles and studying the data collectively.  The second is to observe the past data and create recommendations based on these.  The third is to try to publish on your social channels using information collected by your analytics about when is best to publish etc.  This information can contain a large amount of information, and be careful about which information you deem useful as certain information that is back dated can be expired – such as old information from social media channels, these are growing everyday so old information only reflects the time at which it was collected.
Irrelevant data is a problem to any marketer/business, the way to solve this issue is to use the page’s existing numbers instead.  It may solve the problem of information biases in your data, but there are still some minor issues with it.  It can only tell you the best time in the day at which you have already posted – not the best time to post.  So it really involves trial and error, posting at different times on different days etc.
The best way to deal with social media publishing is to be dynamic.  Some people try to estimate when the most amount of people are online and post then, some monitor and post when similar conversations arise to the update they wish to post.  These are difficult as people are not always looking through their news feeds on their social media, so it’s not easy to do this method well.
To optimise your publishing for time, the best thing to do is monitor your data using your analytics.  This way you can see when posting is optimal for you and reap the benefits of posting at these times.  These also assist with helping you create a timetable for you page – when to post etc.  Always use your data, that’s why it’s there!!
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