5 Ways To Make Google Analytics Benefit You

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free product that tracks your website and gives detailed statistics about visitors to your website. For example, Analytics can show you how exactly people found your website, how they navigated around it, and how you can enhance their overall visitor experience. This information can help you improve your websites return on investment, increase conversions, and make more money through the web. There are many benefits that come with installing Google Analytics on your site. Listed below Google have outlined the top five things you can do as soon as you start tracking your site with Analytics:

  1. AdWords advertisers can make Analytics available right in their AdWords account as a separate tab through a simple linking process. Advertisers can review extra data for their online campaigns by tracking landing page quality and conversions (goals), and pick out their highest performing ads.You can also use Analytics to track other Google products including AdSense, Blogger, and Google Sites.
  2. See which pages drive the most pageviews on your site from the Top Content report. This report can answer questions you have about your most or least effective pages – for example, a high bounce rate indicates a landing page that should be redesigned or tailored to the specific ad which links to it.
  3. Which groups of visitors became customers or did something else important to the success of your business? You can get key insights for these questions by setting up goals.
  4. Grant other people in your company or organization access so that they are restricted to viewing reports in a profile or given full access to help manage your entire account as an administrator.
  5. There are over 80 reports with customizable, drag-and-drop interfaces. You can also create your own reports with Custom Reporting, create the segments you want to see withAdvanced Segmentation, or view multi-dimensional views of your data with Motion Charts.