Best Analytics Tools

In any web-based business model, often the most difficult part is being able to measure progress. It´s impossible to see your actual customers whenever you´re online in the same way you would with a more traditional, physical business. How, then, can you measure their reaction to your online store front? How can you determine how many of your site’s visitors are responding positively to the products and services your business has to offer?

In order to properly gauge the conversion rates your site is able to produce from your web traffic, you need a set of analytical tools to help you see what’s going on. These tools should be able to monitor your visitors as they flow from the search engines to your pages, and beyond. One of the most comprehensive tools currently available is the Google Analytics tracking suite.

If you´re new to web traffic tracking software, Google has made it as easy and painless as possible for you to come on board. Their tools not only display every possible metric you could need in order to optimize your web site´s performance, but also break down the raw data you’re seeing, so that you don´t have to be a statistician to understand what all of it means.

Google Analytics will show you how many views your various pages are receiving from your traffic sources, as well as click-through rates from one page to another. This makes it very easy to compare your traffic figures with your total revenue from your web site, and get an accurate feel for your conversion rates.