Why Google+ Should Be Part Of Your Small Business Marketing Plan


Small businesses may or may not have realised it yet, but social media is the best way for them to be on a par with the big business competitors as everyone is the same in the world of social media.  Both parties will have the same platform in from of them, it’s how they use it that counts.

Small businesses should be excited about Google+ especially, it brings with is SEO benefits.  People on Google+ may simply have a Gmail account and use + out of convenience, so you have a whole group of people who may not even be on other types of social media at your disposal.  To decide whether or not you want to include Google+ into your social media repertoire, be aware of the following points.

There are SEO perks – there is obviously going to be some perks of having a social networking page with one of the largest search engines available to the public.  There is also a suggestion that Google are removing prominence from links, so being with their pages can only be a positive thing.

Talk – on Google, one of the perks is simply being able to chat on their Hangout section, as well as share documents and video chat.  This is a great option when sometimes you are dealing with someone who is simply to far to meet.

Segment your audience – the most unique feature of Google+ is the ease at which you can separate certain groups into “circles” and classify where you want them to be in your social media.  This means you can target certain areas when you wish and others should you need to.

Google has recently decided to place alot of emphasis into +, so whether it has taken off to its full potential is doubtful.  Join now and be part of this growth before your competitors get there before you do!

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