How Can Social Media Help Your SEO? Here’s how…

SEO Social Media
Social media marketing is in itself a marketing technique that is great because of the ease at which you can communicate with your audience etc, but some people forget it is also a tool that can be used in conjunction with your website to boost search engine Optimisation. The main reason for social medias use in the SEO industry is because it has such a great effect on search engines results.

Here are some of the ways in which social media can assist your SEO:
Quality Inbound Links
 Inbound links are well known as a fantastic way to boost SEO, and social media is a great way of increasing the amount of links going to your site because it is so easily edited and updated.  When you combine social media and your need for links, it is clear how useful they can be when they work together.  One of the big plus sides to links coming from social media sites is that they are natural, they are not bought or solicited, so they are healthy for SEO.
Social Media – A PR Tool For Boosting Your Reputation
Social media sites – the big ones, rank very well with search engines.  This has good and bad sides to it, as with everything.  You can use social media well to sell yourself/your product or service and have some control over the search results that show in search engines and promote yourself very well which is great.  But when used incorrectly, you can affect your brand badly also.  Always make sure that you have the correct people in charge of your social media and that you are using it purely for business purposes where the name is involved.
Ranking Pages on Social Media Websites
Are you having problems ranking?  If this is an issue for your website perhaps it is time to start trying to rank with your social media instead.  As I have said, these sites rank much more easily on search engines as their domains have a lot of sway and with a few links here and there and keywords obtained through good keyword analysis you should be ranking sooner than with a website.  In a perfect world, you should be ranking for both but this takes time and having your social media ranking while you are waiting on your website to rank is a bonus.
From here you can tell that social media is very powerful, so remember to use it alongside your website to boost your rankings.  Always use it correctly as bad social media can greatly affect your SEO, for example bad reviews, videos of employees being lazy at work etc.  This is a whole other article which we will touch on in the future, but for now increase your usage of YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and the other popular social media sites available and keep your content positive!
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