Social Media MarketingMaximise your social media strategy this Christmas and take advantage of the business opportunities in your market. Some tips that might help:

  • Write relevant, compelling content
  • Don’t just post for the sake of it. Provide information that will offer value to your clients.
  • Teach them something new, that is relevant and that will help them gain something.
  • Be sure that you use your social media activity to help you search engine rankings.
  • Include search terms in your posts that contain the keywords that you are targeting as a business.

Engage with your customers

 No matter which platform you are using it is important to interact with your customers. Make sure you connect with your customers by providing feedback, promoting conversation and encouraging debate. Talk about something that is novel or new. Post images, questions. This will also get people sharing with their connections. This is how great companies ensure social media success for Christmas.

Create Value

Christmas is a busy time for everyone but it is also an expensive time. Providing value for your customers is so important. This could be anything from helpful blogs posts that are related to your product or providing discounts and vouchers online. Customers will be thankful as Christmas can be an expensive time for everyone.

Which Platform to use?

There are many platforms to choose from when planning your social media Christmas campaign. If your budget is tight try picking one platform first and see how it goes. It is better to have one good social media campaign on one platform rather than covering all social media angles and not doing well at all. Last year, Facebook was responsible for 4% of all Christmas visits to retail websites. Make sure your website is one of these this year!

Tip: Wish your fans a Happy Christmas around 23rd and make them aware of your post Christmas sales. Did you know Christmas Day 2012 was the 5th biggest shopping day of the year last year with over 107 million visits to retail websites. Do not miss out!

Paid Advertising on Social Media

  • Run targeted pay per click campaigns using Twitter
  • Target people who are connected to people who like your page on Facebook. Run a competition and use PPC advertising to get beyond your friends and family – find new prospects.
  • Target relevant people using their email addresses through Facebook and remind them of your offering.
  • Get on front of people who visited your website using ‘remarketing’activities.
  • Understand what worked before. Analyse behaviour using analytics.

At, we identify the right social media strategy for your business in order to achieve maximum results. We work with your business to build an effective social media campaign that produces results. Get in gear now and maximise your businesses potential. Contact us at to get started today.

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