Maximise Your Business Potential On The Web In 2014

SEO Tips 2014As we approach a new year, don’t fall back into the old habits of hoping that you will get better results without having made any changes. If you want to see brilliant results, devise a brilliant action plan that will drive your online business forward for 2014. Set out some clear business objectives and define some Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s).


Some key considerations when implementing your action plan.



Get your website in order. Are you confident that your website will convert your visitors into leads/sales for your business? Have you monitored how people are interacting with your website? Are you offering clear, compelling calls to action?


Is your existing website mobile responsive? Can your website visitors easily read your content on whatever mobile devices they might be using without have to pinch and squeeze their screens?


If you are planning on moving your website or changing any urls, make sure to use 301 redirects to connect old links to the most relevant new pages. Failure to do so could result in a loss of rankings.

Integrate social sharing buttons on your site to make it easy for people to share. Post content to encourage people to retweet or respond or comment on Facebook. Using shares through social media will increase your visibility both to the search engines and your prospects more effectively than through manual link building efforts.




Set out a clear schedule that focuses on content and ties your content to your search engine optimisation goals.
Content will form a big part of every marketer’s strategy in 2014. Google wants to create fulfilling content for all its users. This could be anything from text content and infographics to video in order to contribute to the overall user experience. Just make sure your content is relevant to your business and it is something that people can share. Set out a monthly content marketing strategy around your business and stick to it. You will reap the rewards through increased traffic to your website along with increased rankings.


Links & Social

There have been a number of algorithm changes from Google this year which have resulted in many websites seeing their rankings drop in the search engines. Many sites would have used spammy link building tactics to manipulate the search engines in the past which they now find has resulted in their website being penalised. Go through your links and see if you have any unethical links out there. We then suggest that you start to remove these links using the disavow tool. From now on, start to monitor your links to your site and use the disavow tool to remove any links that you feel are harmful to your site. Going forward, focus on building natural links, these are links created by people who share your content because they deem it to be relevant and useful.


Use the social networks to build relevant links into the content on your website.


Local Search

Google places a lot of emphasis on local search and is now beginning to display rankings from their own Google + social network. Get your business on Google + and ensure you link it to Google + Local (Formally Google Places).

2014 will all be about location and proximity targeting. Providing details of your business, hours of business, video and getting people to review your business on your Google + Local profile will not only enhance the user experience but will help your rankings on Google for local search.


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Wishing everyone a Happy Christmas and successful 2014

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